Private Water Supplies

Install Private Water Systems
Knowledge and expertise to install spring water systems

Private water supplies are becoming more and more popular. With increasing water prices which are in excess of £1.50m3, private water supplies are in many cases the way to go. There is many ways to benefit from private water storing your water at high level the water can be treated and gravity will allow it to flow to your system as required, if the flow and pressure is simply not enough boosting the supply cost effectively is often a popular route to go. If storing water at low level water pumps and treatment systems can be installed insuring the correct flow and pressure is when and where required there are many ways to go about this with many options to choose from. If you are interested in creating or maintaining your water supply please do not hesitate to contact us further.

What are the benefits of private water?

Estates and farms can use huge amounts of water, either for troughs or domestic drinking water. The average 4 person household will use approx 165m3 of water annually. By taking this amount of water at the price per m3 this works out at £247.50 per year. Quickly you will start to benefit from using your own water supply and after the initial installation costs the savings will become clear.

Monitoring Private Water Usage
Monitoring your usage

By monitoring your water usage you will be able to keep track of what you are using and when you are using it. A major benefit being that if you usage suddenly rises you will be able calculate if there is an issue with your system and if further maintenance is required.

Get the correct amount of stored water to suite for needs.

Typically for a spring supply you will store what water you can before letting it carrying on naturally to its natural water course. From this storage area you can then boost the water to where it needs to go. By calculating the demand of the supply along with the distance and height a reliable water pump system can be designed and installed with confidence.

Supplying to other private dwellings?

Do you or can you supply water to other people?

We have successfully installed private boosted systems to customers who provide  their water to other properties. This way with a reliable system and the adequate infrastructure your water supply can start to pay for itself whilst paying you back at the same time, designs can vary from customer to customer so bespoke systems are often the way to go. Energy efficiency is always important to customers to ensure value for money by keeping running costs to a minimum, this is also helped by correct commissioning and on going servicing on site. By keeping your system serviced you can extend the life cycle of wearing parts and avoid costly breakdowns.

What is required of you?

You must know what is in your water supply. We can assist you with extensive water testing to obtain accurate information of what your water consists off to ensure it is fit for consumption. Where some water samples fail in water hygiene tests it is possible to treat the water to help it become fit for consumption, please see ‘how to test your water’ for further information.

How to treat your water

Most private water supplies consist of a ultraviolet disinfection unit and particle filters. By carrying out water quality tests you will have a better understanding of what is in your water supply, once the results are analysed a design and specification can be put together ensuring your water is safe to use and keep everyone using it satisfied the water quality passes legal regulations. please contact us if you require water analysis or help with treating your water supply.


boreholes are a popular way of finding water. A qualified team will drill in the required area to find water below the surface of the ground. Once water is found a water pump can be installed to pump the water from under the ground either directly to a system or into a break tank. By storing this water you will benefit from the reserve of water in case your borehole simply cannot cope with the demands on your system, there are many ways to go about this type up set up but whats important is to have reliability and support knowing your installation is adequate for your needs.

Spring supply

existing spring supplies are a brilliant way to keep your costs of finding water down. If an existing spring supply is reliable and can be worked with you can simply utilise it by calculating the amount of water you have and how much you require. once the calculations have been made the adequate storage and water pump system can be designed to give your system what it needs. Many old systems that already utilise spring supplies


Often is the case with water pump installations and alterations, an amount of groundwork is required. DWP Services works closely with Pipeline Logistics Ltd to give the customer an all around service. Pipeline Logistics are a long established family company with 30 years experience within the water industry, with a wealth of experience and equipment we can give you complete peace of mind your system is in good hands. With an extensive pump design Pipeline Logistics can lay water mains to and from your pump system using one of the many techniques:


Directional Drilling

Trenchless technology to drill horizontally up to 5 meters deep 100 meters in distance, by tracking the drill head it can be steered and give pin point accuracy.



More than one type of utility to be laid? The trenching machine makes light work of this. Up to 2 meters deep and a narrow trench this will minimize disturbance to the local area.


Vibrating Plough

Simply drop into the ground and off you go. This will drag the pipe behind it and pull in the water main as required at the needed depth.


Underground Moling

For short distance horizontal boring up to 125mm- for more limited areas where heavy machinery cannot operate.

For more information please do not hesitate to contact us further.