Waste Water Pump Station Installation And Service

Single Pump Station install at Lidl Gloucester
Single Pump Station Installation

DWP Services carry out pump station design, supply, installation, and repair. This includes any type of waste water. We are able to attend your site, survey the application and provide you with a design to suit your needs. Pump stations do not need to be over complicated or take a lengthy process to install.

Pump Station Refurbishment

DWP Services are experienced in refurbishment of existing pump stations. After time in aggressive environments pump station pipework and parts wear out which can cause critical failure. If your pump station needs surveying, repairing, or replacing give DWP Services a call to find out how we can help you.

How do we plan your installation?.

DWP Services will carry out a site survey. During a site survey we will locate an adequate location for your waste water pump station. We will work out your invert levels and measure the distance to an existing gravity sewer or storm pipe. We gather this information so we can then calculate how much waste water will be produced. Therefore calculating your stored water, correctly sized pumps, and control method.

Twin Pump Station Installation in Cardiff by DWP Services
Pump Station Installation

Here at DWP Services we are proud to offer a complete installation and commissioning service. We are able to look after your project every step of the way by giving you a technical design, installation of the pump station including all the gravity waste pipe, and then installing the pumping main to its final destination. If you cant get a gravity waste water system to work for you, give us a call to see if we can help you.

Pump Station Installation

Pump station control methods

Pump Combined Float Switch.

Simple installations consist of a submersible pump with a connected float switch, when the water level rises the float connected to the pump also rises and enables the pump(s) to run, pumping out the water in the chamber. Whilst this is a cost effective solution it means your pump will run more often. If you have a twin pump installation it may also prevent equal pump operation.

3 or 4 Float Systems with control panel.

This method has been around for many years and is extremely effective. The pump stations consist of 3 float switches (for single pumps) or 4 float switches for twin pump systems. Your first float is the ‘stop’ the second is your ‘start’ and the third will be ‘high level alarm’ for single system or ‘Assist’ for a twin pump system. If your using a twin pump system your fourth float will act as your high level alarm. When the pump station goes into high level alarm it can activate an audible alarm, send a SMS message, flash a beacon or all of the previous!

Grundfos Autoadapt

DWP Services like to keep up with modern technology so we can give the customer what they want. The latest pump control method is the Grundfos Autoadapt, where the pump has an integral sensor which automatically reads the water level. You can install more than one pump into a chamber and set up with a Grundfos Go remote. Once the unit is set up and commissioned correctly the pumps will communicate by themselves, and alternate without any need for float switches or a control panel. This has its benefits by reducing the cost of not requiring float switches and controls. Whilst freeing up chamber space from excessive amounts of cables. This also means there is no risk of float switches getting caught (preventing operation) or wearing out!

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