Water Pump Service, Repair, Maintenance and Commissioning

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A critical part of pump operation

Maintenance is vital on all pressure systems.

Adequate maintenance is critical to the correct operation of your system. By not servicing your system correctly faults can compound and cause more costly problems further down the line. For an expert pump service with any recommendations explained or shown on site, you can have complete peace of mind that your water system is being looked after with the utmost care.

For more information please refer to the pressure systems directive 2000:

The Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000


Expansion vessels are a metal cylinder with a rubber diaphragm inside. There is an air pre-charge within the expansion vessel which is determined by the water pump system pressure.The pre-charge pushes on the rubber membrane and forces the water out of the vessel. This is a critical part to correct operation of a pressurised system. By having an expansion vessel at the correct pressure the water pump will run less often. This has the following benefits:

  • Energy efficiency – The less the pumps run, the less power you use.
  • Water pump and motor wear – Due to the water pump running less, the working parts will simply incur less wear and tear.
What happens if a vessel fails?

When an expansion vessel fails it can have different effects on your system. The main problems are:

  • Excess running of pump – Excess wear, pressure fluctuation, heating up of cold water.
  • Erratic pump operation – More common on fixed speed water pumps. As soon as your pump tries to switch off, the slightest pressure drop calls for the pump to start running once again. This can then cause the pump to cut in and out constantly, which often causes the power supply to ‘trip’ and/or burning out of motors.
  • Water hammer – Your system can be subject to great water hammer which can cause pipe and fittings failure due to excess stress.
  • Repair costs – Vessel membranes either split or stretch. Once either of these actions have happened it requires either an replacement diaphragm (make and model depending). Or complete replacement, which can be expensive.
Common areas of domestic pumps

Remote and substantial houses in the countryside – The Cotswolds is a good example of an area where many homes are large and remote. Getting water to these houses can be challenging even if mains water is available. By installing water pumps to these properties can allow sufficient water to feed the needs of the premises.

Major cities – All cities have a wealth of water pumps and booster sets in all sorts of places. The city of London is a hot spot for water pumps. Where every square foot of property is critical space has never been so important. Water pumps can be tucked away in many places, these pumps are critical to supplying the property with adequate water the building owner in many cases is not aware that the unit requires maintenance.

Where else are water boosters and pumps used?

The simple answer is Everywhere!. From water authorities to domestic customers, water pump system are found all over the country and beyond. From personal experience we have found that many domestic customers struggle to find a personal and reliable service for their water pump systems.

Many booster pumps have been installed and simply switched on. While this is an quick fix to boost water around a home, it can cause faults and damage to your water pump system in time to come. Correct commissioning is vital to ensure you have peace of mind. If your unit is not correctly commissioned the manufacturer can easily refuse warranty claims. This can lead to costly repairs.

Can we help you?

If your domestic, private or commercial installation requires attention, or you would like to discuss the options to repair or install a new booster system: Please do not hesitate to contact us further. With over 10 years of experience in the water industry you can be confident a solution to whatever your needs is in capable hands.

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