Where are booster sets used?

Water booster sets are used across the country for many applications. So no matter if its a school, office block, apartment block, hospital or hotel – all of these places rely hugely on pumped water to ensure water gets to where you need it, when you need it.

Water booster pump sets come in all different shapes, sizes and configurations. Because of this, every manufacturer has their own interpretation of how a booster set should be put together and how they should operate.

What can go wrong?

After years of operation, water booster set breakdowns can occur. This can range from any type of fault including leaking mechanical seals or electrical breakdown. Repairing the unit can be either a short or long term solution, depending upon its condition. Eventually the unit will require refurbishment or replacement.

How can we help you?

DWP Services offer a complete packaged solution for any scenario. We are able to provide each client with a tailored solution to suit their needs. If cost is key we have a full understanding of cost effective solutions across manufacturers, and how they operate. Here are some useful facts on a couple of the main water booster set manufacturers to help you make the right choice for you.

Lowara Water Booster sets
  • A large product range
  • Packaged product solutions
  • Market leading variable speed controls, including the Hydrovar inverter
  • Widely available spares
  • IE3 motor efficiency
  • Long term suppliers to the pump market proving a reliable track record
Grundfos Water Booster Sets
  • The largest pump manufacturer in the world
  • Permanent magnet variable speed motors
  • Smart grundfos go control
  • Wireless radio communication
  • A extensive range of 8 specific water booster sets from commercial to domestic
  • Long term proven reliability
  • IE4 Motors up to 45kw

Water booster sets have been hugely developed over the years with innovative space saving, energy efficiency and serviceability. There are a vast amount of manufacturers offering a large amount of options for customers to research. Luckily we have done this bit for you. As a result, we are able to specify the perfect booster set for your application, explaining all the pros and cons along the way.

Replacing an existing booster set can be a stressful experience; organising several trades to ensure minimal disruption to the system. DWP Services offers a one stop shop turn key experience for our projects. From a site survey, strip out, installation and commissioning; seeing every project through from start to finish.