DWP Services specialise in Well, Borehole and Spring water supplies. We are able to test, contain, store, distribute and maintain your private water system. No matter if you are in the Cotswolds or in Yorkshire!

Here are some examples of private water systems installed from new. These allowed our clients to become self sufficient and save money on their water bills.

Stratford Upon Avon – Spring Water System

DWP Services had an enquiry from a client with a remote barn conversion with no mains water. What they did have was a spring on their land, where someone had previously attempted to install a potable spring water system.

It was safe to say the current system was not fit for purpose, nor even operational. DWP services provided a simple, long term solution whilst advising on required ground works. We specified exactly what the client needed whilst keeping within the clients budget:

  • Potable underground water tank
  • Lowara Scuba multistage well pump
  • Daro UV system
  • 5 micron bowl filter
  • Water softener

We were able to provide a complete packaged solution. Including installing the new tank, laying all the required underground pipework and cable ducting. Then installing a completely new pumped water set-up in the designated pump room.

Our client now has over 1000 litres of stored spring water and are receiving 1.5l/sec and 4 bar water pressure!

Charlton Kings, Cheltenham – Spring Water System

Our client had a fixed speed pump running 24 hours a day to fill an old milk tanker on top of a hill. This tank then fed water via gravity to a farm and adjoining properties. The tanker was leaking and the pump kept failing, causing constant call outs. Our client asked us to recommend a long term solution providing them with a reliable water system.

We carried out exploratory trial holes and traced the spring source. Once we established the water quality we installed a catchment chamber and specified a 2000 litre water tank with combined pump housing.

Our tank was designed to allow spring water to gravitate into the tank from the rear, and once full, overflow back into its natural water course. Once the foundations were in place we installed a high specification twin multistage water booster set which pumps through a water filter and UV system.

With a design pressure of over 10 bar, we ensured the booster set was variable speed with a standby pump to ensure reliability. Once the entire unit was fully operational we carried out a water test to ensure potability and found that it was one of the best results ever seen in Gloucestershire!

Private Water Systems in Cotswold private estates

Many estates have hundreds or thousands of acres and they all have one thing in common, they need water!

Often using mains water is expensive due to quantity needed on a daily basis, where either spring or borehole water can be utilised its often the way to go.

Investing in the right infrastructure is key right from the word go. By ensuring you have a quality long term solution to moving water the rest of your system will benefit and can be easily controlled.

A lot of customers instantly go down a borehole route which is expensive and can give no guarantees to water quantity or quality! It has been found that boreholes do not produce enough water or the quality is not treatable for potable use. If you have a spring or existing well supply this is the right place to start! If you kind go back to source, take a sample and it comes back as potable or treatable then you do not need to invest in a borehole, sounds good right?

By utilising spring water systems many estates, commercial and  domestic properties have years of free, good quality water.