Lower Water Pressure guide with DWP Services


Low water pressure can be a sad experience for many homeowners, boosting mains water is becoming a common occurrence across the UK and beyond. Water booster pumps come in all shapes, sizes and quality. 

DWP Service have experienced a wealth of domestic boosting systems to satisfy every application and budget, let’s go through some of the products available on the market.


By far the best quality unit on the market. Available in single or twin pump configurations with a range of stored water 175l to over 2000l stores water. With the vast range of options available you can ensure these units can fit in your given location. These units come variable speed as standard for energy efficiency, 1” full bore filling valve to ensure your booster set does not run out of water (if sized correctly) stainless steel pipework and the only recognised WRAS approved integrated booster pump and tank system on the market. These units can be sized for an apartment to a 15 bedroom mansion! 


A cost effective and compact way of boosting water in a light to medium domestic application. These units come fixed speed as standard with a moulded tank around the water pump and controller itself. A disadvantage of the Grundfos home booster is the limited capacity. Luckily you can buy a slave tank to assist with giving you more stored water. If your property suffers from a poor water supply a Grundfos home booster may be the solution for you. 


Xylem Lowaras answer to the grundfos home booster. Again cost effective and available to fixed for variable speed options. This unit comes in a blue steel structure so you don’t have to put up with visible pump and control equipment. 180 litre storage tank gives you enough reserve water to feed a light to medium domestic application. Its always good to ensure you have a good incoming water flow rate for this option as adding extra storage is not particularly straight forward.


Pedrello have worked hard to attack the market in the direction of the Scubatank. They provide a fixed and variable speed option and different storage volumes along with tank shape. When space is critical you can really fit one of these tanks in a space that suits you!


This is where DWP Services can help you even further. After looking at these options you may find none suit your application or budget. A bespoke system could suit your property by working to your budget and available space!