Differences between submersible and immersible pumps

The terms submersible and immersible sound similar, however, these two are strikingly different and I want to explain to you why.

Submersible pumps are a heavy-duty type pump for heavy-duty jobs. Immersible pumps are a more cost-effective option for lighter-duty applications in a nutshell but let’s delve into further detail.

Submersible Water Pumps

Submersible water pumps have many industrial uses. They are completely enclosed and the motor is integral with the pump which is designed to run continuously submerged in water.

Submersible pumps are built with frames that are precision machined to ensure a tight fit between every component of the motor and pump. Submersible pumps typically have a specially designed dual seal design where the outer seal is lubricated and the second seal is located in an oil bath chamber in, or below, the motor housing for seal lubrication.

Although built for continual submersion generally these water pumps can also be placed in dry environments that only flood under rare circumstances. Based on their design, the motor may require an external source of liquid for cooling or have an intermittent run time rating when run un-submerged.

These pumps are typically used in applications where they help manage things like sewage, storm & drainage water and oily water.

Immersible Water Pumps

Immersible water pumps have motors that are built with the intent that they may be submerged and continue running in the event of the rare flood. They are, however, not meant to be submerged under normal everyday circumstances.

These motors are built specifically to operate in a dry environment. They are built with a sealing system that can withstand being submerged under up to 30 feet of water for up to two weeks. Immersible water pump motors are designed with a drive endplate packed with moisture-resistant grease, instead of the oil chamber found in a submersible water pump.

Immersible water pumps are generally easier to service and are cheaper to operate and maintain than the aofrementioned submersible water pump. They are appropriate for use in underground storm water pump stations where the pump gallery is designed to function as an incidental secondary wet well for the very rare major flooding event. After this motor is immersed, it must be removed for inspection and a bearing change.

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