New Lowara Hydrovar HVL Water Pump Inverter

The new fifth generation Hydrovar is now available. The new HVL hydrovar is now easier to install and operate due to its new quickstart guide and intelligently designed wiring design, the new HVL variable speed inverter is backward compatible with the last generation HV4 inverter and can be configured to operate up to 8 pumps in sequence.

The new Hydrovar HVL features include:

  • All the original benefits of the leading HV4 inverter
  • Expanded Ranges; increases pump flexibility
  • Optional Wi-Fi Card; offers the flexibility of programming and commissioning options.
  • Automatic Start-Up Menu; simplifies commissioning, programming and operation by stepping the user through the various processes.
  • Increased reliability, efficiency along with simpler setup process.
  • Optional Thermal Cutout link to increase installation flexibility.
  • Ideal for retro fitting or water pump upgrade from fixed speed to variable speed.

The HVL inverter has been a serious contender in the variable speed market for many years. Its motor or wall mounted options ensures flexible easy installation for the end user.

If you require any variable speed  specific advise, repair, replacement or installation services contact DWP Services for expert advise.

For further information on the HVL please see:

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