New Lowara Hydrovar HVL Water Pump Inverter

The new fifth generation Hydrovar is now available. The new HVL hydrovar is now easier to install and operate due to its new quickstart guide and intelligently designed wiring design, the new HVL variable speed inverter is backward compatible with the last generation HV4 inverter and can be configured to operate up to 8 pumps in sequence.

The new Hydrovar HVL features include:

  • All the original benefits of the leading HV4 inverter
  • Expanded Ranges; increases pump flexibility
  • Optional Wi-Fi Card; offers the flexibility of programming and commissioning options.
  • Automatic Start-Up Menu; simplifies commissioning, programming and operation by stepping the user through the various processes.
  • Increased reliability, efficiency along with simpler setup process.
  • Optional Thermal Cutout link to increase installation flexibility.
  • Ideal for retro fitting or water pump upgrade from fixed speed to variable speed.

The HVL inverter has been a serious contender in the variable speed market for many years. Its motor or wall mounted options ensures flexible easy installation for the end user.

If you require any variable speed  specific advise, repair, replacement or installation services contact DWP Services for expert advise.

For further information on the HVL please see:

Xylem HVL

DWP Services have been using a range of variable speed pump controller for many years. We have found many of them have some advantages and some disadvantages. Here we will discuss a few to give you some guidance on what can be used.

After some years we have narrowed down inverters keeping in mind cost and performance, here is a short guide.
Motor mounted and wall mounted inverters –

Grundfos MGE and Saver

Grundfos are the biggest pump company in the world. Their reliability cannot be beaten and the technology has clearly been heavily invested in. This ensures Grundfos stays as the household name of pumps and inverters bringing complete peace of mind. The main variable speed drives is the soon to be discontinued MGE inverter and the new Saver 1 and 2 inverter. The MGE inverter has a deep parameter list for a knowledgeable engineer to fine tune to the maximum for complete efficiency and peace of mind.  But on the other hand the MGE inverter will work with the right configuration file and basic set up. It may not be running to maximum efficiency but will deliver water where you want it year after year.

The Saver inverter is the newer edition to the Grundfos family, this has a hugely expanded menu giving the customer complete configuration. Reliability and quality has not been compromised and reliability is still at the top of its game.

Grundfos are notoriously expensive to their top end products but believe you get what you pay for, if you want a long term reliable solution this may be the manufacture for you.

Xylem Lowara Hydrovar

We are now on the 5th generation of hydrovar. The years have seen complete redesigns of the hydrovar inverter but in all truth the menu and performance values have not changed too much. If you have a hydrovar it is most lijeky its the 3rd 4th or now 5th generation. Luckily enough no matter which one of these you have you can now buy an inverter to communicate with any model through its compatability software. The hydrovar is a motor or wall mounted inverter that has a pump specific set up generally used for water boosting. The excellent mulit-pump communication RS-485 is a real game changer in the pump world due to its ability to constantly keep system pressure whilst adjusting parameters or switching between units. The Hydrovar is most definitely a highly regarded inverter in the market although fairly expensive.

Coelbo Speedomatic

DWP Services is a fan of the speedomatic water cooled inverter. These units are cost effective, user friendly and reliable. The speedomatic can supply up to a 10AMP water pump and has an integral pressure and flow sensor so no need for extra wiring. They may be made out of plastic and a little bulky but now come with a LCD backlight display and a Volt Free fault contact giving the customer the ability to install and alarm to the unit in fault conditons.

Nastec Vasco

We believe this is a strong competitor in the variable speed market. This unit is wall or motor mounted just like the hydrovar and is very cost effective. The menu system is easy to navigate whilst giving a huge amount of adjustable parameters


If you require technical advise or any more information on any of these products contact DWP Services now for expert advice.

Xylem 214

Lower Water Pressure guide with DWP Services


Low water pressure can be a sad experience for many homeowners, boosting mains water is becoming a common occurrence across the UK and beyond. Water booster pumps come in all shapes, sizes and quality. 

DWP Service have experienced a wealth of domestic boosting systems to satisfy every application and budget, let’s go through some of the products available on the market.


By far the best quality unit on the market. Available in single or twin pump configurations with a range of stored water 175l to over 2000l stores water. With the vast range of options available you can ensure these units can fit in your given location. These units come variable speed as standard for energy efficiency, 1” full bore filling valve to ensure your booster set does not run out of water (if sized correctly) stainless steel pipework and the only recognised WRAS approved integrated booster pump and tank system on the market. These units can be sized for an apartment to a 15 bedroom mansion! 


A cost effective and compact way of boosting water in a light to medium domestic application. These units come fixed speed as standard with a moulded tank around the water pump and controller itself. A disadvantage of the Grundfos home booster is the limited capacity. Luckily you can buy a slave tank to assist with giving you more stored water. If your property suffers from a poor water supply a Grundfos home booster may be the solution for you. 


Xylem Lowaras answer to the grundfos home booster. Again cost effective and available to fixed for variable speed options. This unit comes in a blue steel structure so you don’t have to put up with visible pump and control equipment. 180 litre storage tank gives you enough reserve water to feed a light to medium domestic application. Its always good to ensure you have a good incoming water flow rate for this option as adding extra storage is not particularly straight forward.


Pedrello have worked hard to attack the market in the direction of the Scubatank. They provide a fixed and variable speed option and different storage volumes along with tank shape. When space is critical you can really fit one of these tanks in a space that suits you!


This is where DWP Services can help you even further. After looking at these options you may find none suit your application or budget. A bespoke system could suit your property by working to your budget and available space!

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